Mission Statement

It is very difficult to make a safe compost from human waste at a remote site. However, it is very easy and inexpensive to virtually eliminate the cost and odor associated with the management of human waste by installing a Waterless Urine Diverting toilet seat.  It doesn't make compost, but it does solve your problem. 

What we do

We offer technical components and complete toilet structures for the remote management of human waste.  Different from all other remote toilet system providers, we create system which have:

1) lowest operation and maintenance costs

2) safest & hazard free working conditions

3) least environmental impact and contamination

Our systems have the following features:

  • Urine-diversion to soil for maximum mass reduction (and lowest odor)
  • NO bulking agent for greatest holding time (10-20 years between shovel-out)
  • Worm based mass reduction, aeration, stabilization and pathogen destruction 
  • Proven by peer-reviewed research
  • Guaranteed performance


Who We Are

Toilet Tech Solutions (TTS) was founded by Geoff Hill after finishing his PhD at UBC on the topic of remote site human waste management.  A staggering number of failed toilet systems were documented.  What was most astounding was that the failure was often blamed on staff or the environment while the failing, hazardous, and expensive systems were painstakingly maintained.

TTS was established to deliver safe, reliable, proven toilet solutions, increase public and occupational safety, and reduce local and global environmental impacts.